Agreement at IAV between IG Metall and management

Collective agreement with significant wage increases in 2024 and 2025

12/22/2023 | Employers and IG Metall had recently different positions in the current collective bargaining round. In the first round of negotiations on November 30 , 2023, the employers offered 8.5% wage increase over 24 months, compared to IG Metall‘s demand of 10.5% increase over 12 months.

The forwarded package of demands on the part of the IG Metall also included further days off for IAV employees and a bonus for members of IG Metall. Both the demand for days off and the advantages for members of IG Metall were completely rejected by employers.

The second round of negotiations on December 21, 2023 featured a breakthrough for both sides. The goal of enabling a positive start to 2024 and at the same time avoid uncertainty at the end of the year illustrated a path to mutual consent for the collective bargaining parties. This gives employees and the company planning reliability until June 30, 2025. IAV employees benefit from a significant increase in the pay scale.

Johannes Katzan, IG Metall negotiator, summarizes the result: “Due to the corona crisis and transformation processes in the companies, the employees invested much in the last two collective bargaining. For this round we conclude with a strong investment in the manpower of IAV.“

IG Metall and management have thereby succeeded to conclude the current collective bargaining round before the existing pay scale expires. Thanks to all colleagues at IAV who were explicitly committed to stand up for their interests over the last few months. This made this quick and favorable conclusion possible. Thanks also to the employers‘ negotiating side, who, together with the IG Metall collective bargaining committee, negotiated a constructive conclusion in a very fact-oriented manner.

Fact sheet:

  • Starting from June 1, 2024, the pay scale will be increased by 6.5%, but at least by €250
  • Starting from February 1, 2025, the pay scale will be further increased by 3.3%
  • The salaries for trainees will increase accordingly in June 2024 and February 2025
  • The new pay scale is valid until June 30, 2025
  • In addition, members of IG Metall receive an annual time credit equal to one working day
  • The issue of working hours remains on our agenda for the next collective bargaining rounds. Referring to this, an agreement was impossible this time