Collective bargaining round picks up speed

More pay for IAV employees demanded

12/04/2023 | IG Metall is determined to defend the interests of IAV's workforce and is starting the 2023/2024 bargaining round with clear demands. In view of the fundamental changes in the automotive industry and the associated challenges for IAV in the midst of the transformation process, IG Metall is calling for significant investment in the workforce.

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Following the 2021 collective agreement, which provided for a pay rise of 2.3% in 2022, it is now time for a tangible pay increase. The agreement with the management to pay an inflation compensation bonus of three thousand euros by 30 June 2024 was an important step towards mitigating the impact of rising inflation on the workforce's wallets - although this could only be achieved under pressure from IG Metall. "Nevertheless, it is clear that such payments are only temporary, and a sustainable investment in the workforce is needed," demands IG Metall negotiator Johannes Katzan.

The collective bargaining demands for 2024 were drawn up at IG Metall's nationwide general meetings. Following consultations in Munich on 13/14 November 2023, the bargaining committee decided to terminate the existing pay scale with effect from 31 December 2023.

IG Metall's demands for the 2023/2024 collective bargaining round are as follows

  • Increase in pay scale values by 10.5% as of 1 January 2024 with a term of 12 months
  • Increased time sovereignty through additional days off

"IG Metall members make a significant contribution to the further development of working and pay conditions at IAV and this role must be recognised through a member benefit," says union secretary Katzan. At the start of negotiations on 30 November 2023, IG Metall formulated its expectation of long-term job security from the management in order to underline the seriousness of the future strategy and maintain the motivation of the workforce. The employer side, on the other hand, presented an offer with a term of 24 months and a pay increase of 8.5% in two stages. IG Metall will now enter into talks with its members at IAV to discuss further steps and potential escalation scenarios. A second negotiation is scheduled for 21 December.

About IAV:

With more than 7,500 employees, IAV is one of the world's leading engineering partners to the automotive industry. The company has been developing innovative concepts and technologies for future vehicles for over 35 years. Its customers include all renowned automobile manufacturers and suppliers worldwide. In addition to vehicle and powertrain development, IAV entered the field of electromobility and autonomous driving at an early stage and is now one of the leading development service providers in these areas. In addition to the development centres in Berlin, Gifhorn and Chemnitz/Stollberg, IAV has further locations in Munich, Sindelfingen and Ingolstadt as well as in Europe, Asia and North and South America.

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