Current ITC salary analysis

15 percent more for ICT employees with collective wage agreement

05/04/2023 | On average, ICT workers covered by collective bargaining agreements earn nearly 15 percent more than their counterparts in in companies without collective agreements. At the same time, they work fewer hours on average. This is shown by the new ICT salary analysis of IG Metall: ICT employees can also check and compare their own salaries.


With or without a collective agreement, this is not an insignificant question. It is an important foundation. It makes a noticeable, big difference, especially in the information technology and telecommunications (ITC) sector. According to the latest ITC Salary Analysis 2022/23 by IG Metall, ITC employees with a collective agreement earn an average of 14.9 percent more than their colleagues without a collective agreement. The annual survey of salaries in the ITC sector shows an average income increase of 4.1 percent across all sectors as of December 31, 2022.

The analysis, which included more than 42,000 salaries from 123 companies, clearly showed that companies with collective bargaining agreements outperformed those without. The positive effect of collective bargaining agreements is particularly evident in the example of the Software Engineer job family. At hierarchy level 3, Senior Software Specialist, the average income of employees covered by collective agreements is more than 17 percent, or 12,205 euros, higher than that of employees not covered by collective agreements.

"The results of the survey confirm that employees in companies with collective bargaining agreements are better paid. In view of the shortage of skilled workers in IT professions, IT specialists will increasingly base their job and career decisions on whether their employer is bound by collective agreements," said Christiane Benner, Vice Chairwoman of IG Metall. "Our offer increases transparency for employees regarding their income in the IT sector.

Shorter working hours

In its annual ICT salary analysis, IG Metall also surveys average weekly working hours: more than three-quarters of employees with a collective bargaining agreement work 37.5 hours or less. Among employees without a collective agreement, this figure is only 5 percent. More than 91 percent work 40 hours per week. Despite working fewer hours, employees with a collective agreement have a higher annual salary.

Check and compare your salary

The results of the 24th survey are available online. There is further background information, analyses and information for those active in the company - if you are interested, please contact us by e-mail: itkdon't want spam(at)